Russia Unleashes Supersonic Onyx Missiles on Ukrainian Ports: Unprecedented Threats in World at War

Title: Russia Unleashes Supersonic Onyx Missiles on Ukrainian Ports: Unprecedented Threats in World at War

Subheader: Understanding the Impact of Onyx Missiles on Ukraine’s Defense Systems and International Implications


In the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the use of supersonic Onyx missiles has introduced a new level of danger and challenges for the Ukrainian forces. The recent attacks on Ukrainian ports, particularly Odessa, have exposed the vulnerabilities of Ukraine’s anti-air defense systems and raised concerns about the safety of international grain exports. This article delves into the impact of Russia’s deployment of Onyx missiles, the reasons behind Ukraine’s limited defense capabilities, and the potential consequences for the global food crisis.

Onyx Missiles

The Kinzhal missile is one of the latest and most advanced Russian weapons. Its military says the air-launched ballistic missile has a range of up to 2,000km (1,250 miles) and flies at 10 times the speed of sound, making it hard to intercept.
Using a recently acquired  US Patriot defence system, Ukraine claims to have shot down a Russian hypersonic missile over the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. This marks a first for Ukraine in its capacity to stop one of Moscow’s most advanced weapons.

One of the newest and most sophisticated Russian weaponry is the Kinzhal missile. The air-launched ballistic missile has a range of up to 2,000 km (1,250 miles), and it travels at a speed of 10 times the speed of sound, making it difficult to intercept, according to its military.

The Onyx Missile: A Deadly Weapon:

The Onyx missile, designed to destroy watercraft and ships, travels at an astounding speed of over 3000 kilometers per hour. Its flight path and trajectory render it tricky to catch, especially during the final approach but it can fly as a sea-skimming missile at an altitude of less than 15 metres. With such capabilities, Onyx missiles were highly flexible but difficult to defend considering they may be fired

 The Ukraine’s Defense Struggles

In its attempts to intercept Onyx missiles, Ukraine’s anti-air defence systems have encountered significant difficulties. Recent occurrences, like the Odessa attack, have brought attention to the Ukrainian coast’s inadequate defences. Only roughly five of the 19 Russian missiles launched during the attack on Odessa, according to the Ukrainian Air Force, were successfully intercepted, demonstrating the nation’s weakness against this supersonic danger.

Onyx Missiles

Shortcomings in Defense Systems:

The modern ballistic missile defence capabilities that nations like the United States and France have are not present in Ukraine’s defence systems. Since Ukraine lacks defences like the American Patriot or the French Samti, it is vulnerable to Russian modern missile technology. Despite requests for greater assistance from the international community, Ukraine continues to receive insufficient quantities of advanced air defence systems.

Cluster Bombs and Humanitarian Concerns:

Along with Onyx missiles, the recent arrival of cluster bombs in Ukraine has sparked outrage on a global scale. These weapons have been deployed on the battlefield, endangering civilians and having severe effects even after hostilities have concluded. They are recognised for their indiscriminate harm and persistent effects. Cluster bombs can exacerbate already tense situations and humanitarian catastrophes.

Impact on International Food Crisis:

Russian restrictions on grain exports across the Black Sea have a huge impact on the world food crisis. International markets run the risk of experiencing severe food shortages due to the potential disruption of approximately 33 million tonnes of grain exported through Ukrainian ports. The protracted conflict between Russia and Ukraine is already a factor in the global inflation and cost of living concerns. The ramifications for food security get worse the longer the grain blockade lasts.

Addressing the Crisis

International support and attention are urgently needed given the situation in Ukraine. The international community needs to work more to arm Ukraine with cutting-edge defence equipment to stave off threats like the Onyx missile that travel at supersonic speeds. To address the conflict’s underlying roots and find amicable solutions, diplomatic efforts should also be stepped up.

In order to stop the use of cluster bombs in future wars, stricter laws and accountability systems are required due to their widespread use and deadly effects on civilians.

Onyx Missiles


The deployment of supersonic Onyx missiles by Russia has posed defence systems in Ukraine with never-before-seen difficulties. The recent attacks on Ukrainian ports have highlighted the nation’s weaknesses and made the world food situation worse. To solve these issues, support Ukraine’s defence capabilities, and find peaceful solutions to the ongoing conflict, immediate action is required. The international community may lessen the destructive effects of conflict on innocent populations and global stability by giving humanitarian issues and diplomatic initiatives priority.

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